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Network with The Autism Funding Guide
We know that marketing your product or service, and connecting with the Autism community is crucial to your ongoing success and ability to provide these items to the community. We also know that our followers, Autism families, are looking for the products, services, and therapies you make available. We’d love to serve as a bridge, connecting you with them, and help to draw traffic to your blog, website, social media platform, etc.

We currently offer several options for ways to work with us (see below). For pricing and additional details please email me directly.


Sidebar Ad – Runs for 30 days
Placing a sidebar ad with an eye-catching, unique image distinguishing your brand is sure to grab attention, as it will be seen on every blog post. There are two size options available: Square 250×250 pixels and Vertical Rectangle 250×400 pixels.

Instagram Feature – 1 Post
Instagram is creating a great community where Autism families can discover services, products, therapies, and more. We are growing on Instagram and are excited to be a part of this community.

Product/Service Feature on the Blog – Share all about YOU!
Whether you’re looking to promote a current project, launch, or simply your business in general, a featured blog post will bring full attention your way. Note: Feature posts are available selectively, depending on the current needs and fit for the Autism Funding Guide, and the content must be relevant to our audience.

Information for sponsors is coming soon! We offer options for discounts on volume purchasing and training for your staff to increase the ability of your customers to access funds and purchase your products, services, and therapies.

Join us and become a partner in distributing this free and essential resource to families of children with Autism and related conditions. Partner status is available to all non-profit organizations as well as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and other treatment facilities. To learn more visit our Become a Partner page.

By purchasing advertising space, you will be sponsoring the Autism Funding Guide, which is supporting our efforts to help Autism families so they can access the products and services they need.