Welcome to the Exciting World
of Getting What You Need!

On this website, and in the Autism Funding Guide, you will discover how to apply for, and receive funding from various funding sources that assist children and adults with Autism.

You’ll gain access to 200+ funding sources:

Funding sources are organizations that make funds available to people who need products, services, and therapies that insurance won’t pay for. Their mission is to meet these needs and they are waiting for your application so they can provide you with funding for products, services, and therapies you need for your child or adult with Autism.

With the right knowledge, you can raise the funds you need:

It is my firm belief that with the right knowledge, everyone who needs funds can raise them. Armed with this information, all it takes is motivation, dedication and a belief that it is possible!

In the guide you will discover:

  1. My step-by-step process for applying for support from the funding sources that assist children with Autism.
  2. A Funding Source Directory (included in the guide) featuring 200+ funding sources divided into three categories: Wish, State, and National Funders.
  3. Tips and advice for the greatest chance of being selected for funding.
  4. Additional information about how you can successfully run other types of effective fundraising projects, allowing you to raise whatever amount of money you need, no matter how large.