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How many times has a customer walked away from purchasing your product because of lack of funds? Because either insurance wouldn’t cover the item or they could not afford to pay for it?!

I know the answer to that question. I know because for almost 20 years I have dealt with this same situation while selling adaptive bicycles for my family’s bike store. So many times a customer would find out the cost of the bike (around $4,000 per bike) and they would end up leaving, never to return to purchase the bike.

The Autism Funding Guide is here to help! The Autism Funding Guide assists families in raising the funds they need for products and services for their children, items that insurance does not cover.

The Autism Funding Guide guides families through the maze of funding options and teaches them how to be successful. We use a simple step-by-step process backed by nearly 20 years of experience.

Join us and become a sponsor and you’ll help make possible this free and essential resource to families of children with Autism and related conditions!

In the guide, families learn:

  • how to prepare a funding plan for their child
  • how to fill out the funding source applications
  • what the funders are looking for
  • what information the funders really need to award funding

The guide also includes:

  • Templates of sample letters
  • Checklists to help them stay organized
  • Directory of 200+ potential funding sources specifically for children with Autism and related conditions!

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“I will try to put this into words but I don’t believe they can begin to express or do justice in describing the enormity of the impact of what you have done for our son Jordan, what you have done for our son is so amazing, so unbelievable, we can’t thank you enough. Words cannot express what you have done for him and our entire family.”

– John and Lucy, Parents

“The Funding Guide helped us access over $20,000 in financial assistance. The mere words ‘thank you’ just seem so inadequate. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

– Mary Anne, Parent